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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 4, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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election day is here. today, voters will go to the polls to pick the areas next wave of leaders and the results could be historic. and the search for this young woman whose abduction was caught on camera. a reward is now being offered in the case as her mother sends out a plea to her kidnapper. and as we take a live look at center city this morning, we are off to a much warmer start today than we were yesterday. 53 degrees in philadelphia. and we are feeling good already this morning on this tuesday. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. no rain across the region. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert
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forecast. >> we have clouds, that's part of why it's warmer this morning. helping to keep temperatures up. running close to 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. just a gentle breeze coming and coming from a more southerly direction. we will see a nice warm up after a milder start. 50 now in potstown and allentown and millville and atlantic city 52 and also 52 in wilmington and 54 at northeast airport. right now a gentle breeze blowing and clouds overhead and they will be thinning as the morning goes on. 46 degrees at 9:00, 55 and then into the 60s. a beautiful afternoon ahead. looking good as we head into election day. your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back in less than ten minutes. let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning, jillian. >> good morning, bill. to you, as well, at home. one accident for drivers in new jersey to be aware of.
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between wilmerton street and jennings street. go ahead and take church street as your alternate there. we'll keep you updated for drivers in chester county. 202 near the long-term construction zone. you can see traffic is moving along and no delays to report to no delays or accidents in the majors in delaware. this is 95 right at the newark toll plaza. things are very quiet there, chris. >> we'll see if traffic picks up to the polls later this morning. decision 2014, election day is here. in a few hours voters can start heading to the polls. in new jersey they open at 6:00 and in delaware and pennsylvania they can cast ballots an hour later at 7:00. starting with the race for pennsylvania governor, both candidates will spend their final hours pushing for the democratic voters. tom wolf has several stops headed throughout pennsylvania and tom corbett will spend his day in the pittsburgh area.
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he ended his final day campaigning in a rally in his hometown of pittsburgh. wolf also closed out his last full day of campaigning with a rally in pittsburgh. he met with members of the steel workers union. now, earlier in the day, wolf visited with small business owners and voters in lancaster. extra cautions are being taken to make sure there is no problems at the polls. jesse gary is live in southeast philadelphia. when you consider that 4 million ballots will be cast, there are bound to be some complaints from voters out there. >> that's right. philadelphia d.a. using preventive measures to lessen the likelihood of problems. seth williams has created a new task force to make sure that election day results aren't tainted by fraud. his new election fraud task force is part of, is comprised of assistant d.a.s and
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detectives aassigned to locations that had prior allegations. if you run into problems voting the committee of 70 has set up a hotline to set up or if you need help finding your polling place. call 1-855-seventy. they can give you all the information you need. now, coming up in the next 30 minutes. making calls to the other states in our region to see how they're progressing with election day preparations and making sure everything is in place and i'll update you coming up in 30 minutes. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. chris? national race is being decided today. today's election could change the landscape in the nation's capital. a spokesperson says president obama believes the democrats will hold on to the senate. republicans across the country are looking to take advantage of the president's low approval ratings. they need to add six senate seats to gain the majority. now, all morning nbc 10 will bring you coverage of the
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important races across the country. live team coverage beginning on nbc 10 news at h4:00 this afternoon and count on nbc 10 throughout the evening as the results roll in at five minutes after 4:00 now. new from overnight, a mcdonald's employee was stabbed outside the restaurant. the man who was off the clock at the time got into a fight with another man in the parking lot. that worker who was stabbed is in stable condition. no arrests have been made. this surveillance video is the main clue a disturbing clue in the abduction of a young woman in germantown. a story we broke yesterday morning. nbc 10 tracy davidson following new developments in this investigation. what do police know now about this? >> we can tell you about the reward. the reward is $10,000 for information about the abduction. here is what we do know.
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the 22-year-old woman was kidnapped just before 10:00 sunday night in germantown. let's take a closer look at the surveillance video. it shows a guy parking his gray or blue four-door sedan. he grabs her and you can see her struggling with him while she's dragged down the street. her family is begging for her safe return. >> just give me back my baby, please. just let her go. >> if you're all holding my sister hostage, just, please, let her go. let her go right now. don't hurt her. >> what you dont see on camera is the moment the victim kicked out the rear driver and passenger windows before the car sped away. you could see glass on the road yesterday. police are now hoping to lift fingerprints from a glove and a knife found at the scene hoping that will lead them to the kidnapp kidnapper. live in the digital operation
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center, tracy davidson. six minutes after 4:00. a delaware state university student is recovering this morning after being shot in the parking lot of an off-campus residence hall. police are still looking for the shooter. happened near the living and learning commons, just a few blocks away from the main campus there. that building is a residence hall for about 200 students. >> shocked. you know, it's something like that could happen at any time. but just pretty much shocked. >> now, the student who was shot is in stable condition. investigators believe this was an isolated incident. delaware state university is closed today for election day. and the investigation into a murder/suicide outside a ymca will continue. a man ambushed his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot of the y around 6:00 last night. he shot and killed her and then shot himself. the y was put on lockdown as
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police investigated. a septa police officer is facing charges this morning after investigators say a video of him performing a lewd act in a subway car was posted online. kevin fant is charged with open lewdness. a video showing the incident was posted in august, but septa just recently discovered it. transit police determined it was fant who was off duty at the time. eight minutes after 4:00 and happening later today, trial is expected to begin for a philadelphia police officer who is accused of attacking a delaware family during a traffic stop. jonathan jose is being sued by the family in u.s. district court over an incident that happened in september 2011. james lewis said he was driving in north philadelphia with his two sons following him closely. he claims jose pulled him over, accused him of being a drug dealer and he started attacking him. the father and his sons were arrested and the charges were
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later dropped. he is probably best remembered for this video that went viral punching a woman in the face after the puerto rican day parade in 2012. jose was fired and later reinstated after being acquitted of assault charges in that case. new information this morning about camden's efforts to cut down on crime on mischief night. police say their blue night events throughout the city before halloween were a big success. children were sworn in as knights for their neighborhood to help keep camden safe. police say it worked very well. they had very few incidents and a main stay for mischief night which was marred with arson, vandalism and other crimes. it's a nicer start this morning. we have some clouds overhead and it is warmer as a result. those clouds will be thinning and lots of sunshine today and an autumn beauty. plenty of sunshine, upper 60s this afternoon. warmer than it normally is in
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the beginning of november. sunshine today but already tracking rain for later in the week and the potential for some heavy rain coming our way. right now, 52 degrees in reading. it's in the 50s for philadelphia and cape may. those clouds are overhead right now. no sign of showers in the area. look how dry it is. this is the view across the delaware from the adventure aquarium this morning. sunshine will be bright and the wind still a little breezy yesterday, but it's calm now for reading, lancaster, potstown and most of delaware and where the wind is blowing it is light. mt. holly just a three mile an how're breeze. these clouds are going to blow through the area and see nice breaks to the west and some sunshine before the next round of clouds move in. the future weather shows just a few scattered clouds during the day today and a nice warm up this afternoon. so, mostly sunny skies with the west, southwesterly winds today. more of a northerly component yesterday which helped keep us cool. but today with that southerly wind developing during the
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afternoon and the temperatures will warm into the middle to upper 60s. this is not the end of the warm weather, either. the extended future weather when i come back in less than ten minutes. 11 minutes after 4:00. an early check of traffic. jillian mele is on the job this morning and looks like you already have an accident out there. >> we have two accidents. good morning to you. an accident we're following for drivers in new jersey. you could take church street, that is your best bet if you need to get around it. a vehicle that actually hit a tree in that area. heading into pennsylvania, we're dealing with an accident in marlborough township. so, they are the two accidents that we're following out there so far at this early hour. we'll certainly keep you updated on everything else. you could see here on 202 southbound side. this is all the cones set up just 202 southbound past 76 and a little bit of overnight construction out there and the good news, no delays associated with it.
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chris? a man accused of taking some extreme actions to keep his property safe. a high school hit list. the chilling writings police found in the journal of a local high school student. and this treehouse tussle. how this outdoor plea room is sparking a battle between some neighbors in delaware.
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4:14 on this election day, 2014. in delaware a congressional seat and senate seat up for grabs. in the house john carney is trying to win re-election chris coons is planning on victory against businessman kevin wade. in the race for attorney general matthew denn who is lieutenant
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governor now running against ted kittila. joe biden is not seeking a third term. for state treasurer of delaware sean barney running against ken simpler. chip flowers, the incumbent decided not to run for re-election in the wake of allegations. coming up at 4:30, look at pennsylvania races and how a local school is planning a protest at a polling place today. then at 4:45. the national races that could reshape our country's leadership. police will return to the scene of a booby trapped building later this morning. sky force 10 was over the 800 block near somerset yesterday. a business owner did it for security reasons. we're told that a device went off. no word on what that device is. no one was hurt. the owner was arrested and will face reckless endangerment charges. and listen to this, a main line high school student is in custody accused of threatening
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to murder a teacher and her classmates. the radnor high school senior who is not being identified wrote in a journal about wanting to be the first female mass murderer. police say the 17-year-old wrote detailed plans about a mass execution in her personal notebooks. she wrote a letter to the parents of one of the columbine shooters. >> we need to take these types of threats seriously based on the violence in our school systems throughout the country. >> police did not find any weapons inside the girl's home or at school. they say she has a history of psychological issues and will be charged as a juvenile. 4:16 now and we have new information about the football program at california university of pennsylvania following the arrest of six players. school officials are creating a task force to conduct a top to bottom review of the program. the six players were arrested and charged with attacking a man outside an off-campus restaurant on thursday. the victim suffered severe brain trauma, the players were
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immediately suspended and last saturday's game was forfeited. now to atlantic city casino crisis. as we told you yesterday morning it did. hundreds of taj mahal workers marched to the mayor's office to keep the casino, their workplace, open. they continued a petition with 12,000 signatures on it. he invited our camera in, as well. the work withers are hoping that some help from the city will convince investor carl icahn to bail out the taj and save 3,000 jobs. >> what are benefits without a job? you have no benefits if you don't have a job. it is that simple. you close this and nobody has any benefits. >> don't think that we're enemies or i'm on the other side of the table on this one. but i'm frustrated, too. >> the mayor says the city has done all it can. the owner of the taj mahal owes $20 million in back taxes to the
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city. he told the group he is working with state and federal leaders to try to find a solution. it is a warning that hopefully isn't coming too late for you. police are telling people at an ocean county town to inspect their children's halloween candy after a sharp object was diskorved in one trick or treaters bag. manchester township police say a parent reported biting into a tootsy roll and finding a toothpick shard inside that candy. this is the third candy scare reported in this region this halloween. over the weekend we told you about a teen who found a razor blade inside the wrapper of a candy bar and another teen who found a pen inside a candy bar. police are looking for vandals who spray painted the 9/11 memorial in winsor county. you can make out the red spray paint and even more clear in these photos taken from the
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ground. the writing is in russian and it's all over the memorial which includes a beam from the world trade center. you should call west wincer police if you know who did this. a child's treehouse is at the center of a property dispute in new castle county this morning. here is what part of grace cole's treehouse looks like after someone took a chain saw to it. her parents say the treehouse is unsafe now and she can no longer use it. grace has down syndrome and she used that treehouse for exercise. but some neighbors believe the structure actually encroaches on to neighboring property and they're concerned about liability issues. this dispute has been going on for years. one neighbor decided to hire a contractor to take down part of the tree. >> you can't cut that line, it's my kid's treehouse. he stood there and said, cut it, cut it. cut out this main structural support right here. >> now, the coles are not
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denying that the treehouse may actually encroach on neighboring property, but they don't believe their neighbor had a legal right to take down part of it. that neighbor says he stands by his decision saying the neighborhood was worried about the liability iftion should get hurt on neighborhood association property. we have a nicer start this morning to the weather. weather is not as cold as it was yesterday. parts of the area close to 20 degrees warmer. less wind today, too. parts of the area completely calm. just a southerly breeze now at the airport. seven miles an hour and 53 degrees and 15 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. you can see the flag is at rest here at the nbc 10 studios. clouds overhead, but they'll be clearing during the day and temperatures will warm up nicely. already warmer this morning. fair meadow farm down to 50 and
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berwyn is 49 degrees and while it's 51 in phoenixville and right at 50 degrees for chester springs. we will see sunshine to warm temperatures up, it's already 12 degrees warmer in potstown, wilmington and trenton. 18 degrees warmer in millville. a few sprinkles to show you on the radar, mostly not even reaching the ground and that's not going to be an issue during the day today. this will be later in the week. those showers on the move, potential for heavy rain coming our way thursday. but not today. 6 os this afternoon. we'll be in the 60s, g again, tomorrow afternoon. for wednesday more cloud cover around. this is 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, 68 degrees. the first rain come in late wednesday night and early thursday morning and 1:00 in the morning on thursday you can see the rain is falling in the lehigh valley with temperatures in the 50s. no rain today and lots of sunshine and then morning clouds that we have are going to clear out and temperatures climb in the middle to upper 60s. updated temperatures in less
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than ten minutes and i have the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back. 4:21 and we have already seen a couple accidents out on the roads this morning and let's get a report with jillian mele. >> good morning, chris, a pair of accidents and overnight construction and some of the highways are looking really good. 76 right near spring garden street and both directions are quiet and drive times are really quiet. about 14 minutes both way on 76 between the blue route and the vine. i'm following an accident out of marlborough township. this is in the process of clearing. and this is still out there in beverly. a vehicle that hit a tree right on warren street between wilmerton. pay back for problem hips. a newly settled lawsuit that means money coming to thousands of orthopedic patients. and more honors for philly's own taney dragons.
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just when you thought they couldn't be honored any more, they have been. when you can see them in the national spotlight, again.
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4:25 on your tuesday morning. a medical implant maker will shell out $1.4 million. this stems from two hip implants that stryer recalled in 2012. stryer expects to make most of those payments by 2015. hyundai and kia are ordered to pay civil penalty. the automakers' overstated gas mileage figures for more than a million vehicles. they called this a procedural error. the automakers will also have to
4:26 am
forfeit greenhouse gas taxes worth more than $2 million. suing southwest airlines in a dispute over plane maintenance. make repairs to the aluminum skin did not follow proper procedures. a $12 million civil penalty. a southwest spokesperson says they dispute the allegations and will defend the airliner's record in court. well, this weekend had many of us turning on the heaters in our homes for the first time since last winter. if you live in pennsylvania and you need some help paying your heating bills, a good time to remind you that you can apply for heat grants for the season. you can fill out an applic at any local office. you can also find that form on the low-income home energy assistance program is available to renters and homeowners who qualify. during last year's record winter
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more than 400,000 pennsylvania families were able to keep their homes warm because of that program. clouds are overhead. the temperatures not as cold this morning. it's 53 degrees here at nbc 10 at 4:27. weather is looking good. how is the traffic looking, jillian? >> not too bad if you're traveling in the lehigh valley, bill. northeast extension is free of any accidents, but i am following two accidents in the system. we'll get you updated on both of those coming up in just a few minutes. our first look inside the secret hiding place of fugitive eric frein and what investigators found inside.
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election day is here. today voters head to the polls to pick our area's next generation of leaders and the results could be historic. >> the search for a young woman whose abduction was caught on camera. a reward is now being offered in the case as her mother sends out a desperate plea to the kidnapper. we are off to a much warmer start today than yesterday. already in the 50s this morning. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. it is warmer in here, not just because of tracy's magical heater she keeps below the desk. h it's warmer outside, too. >> clouds overhead helping to keep things warmer this morning and not as windy, either. a little breeze coming out of the southwest today. warm temperatures from the 50s into the upper 60s.